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Spend an evening learning to capture the beauty of Cape Cod's starry night skies with award winning photographer Chris Cook. Chris' work has been published worldwide including National Geographic, Canon USA, Caltech, MIT and is a 10x NASA 'Astronomy Picture of the Day' (APOD) recipient.


"Spent a great night with Chris Cook's workshop shooting stars, star trails and light painting. Chris is one great educator and photographer. Highly recommended if you want to learn night photography." - Ted Heath "

Thanks for the class tonight Chris....I highly recommend anybody contemplating taking a class with Chris to do so!!....Great fun and super informative..." - Jeff Smith


Each workshop will be conducted on the Outer or Lower Cape and include Highland Lighthouse (June), Nauset Lighthouse (July) and Stage Harbor Lighthouse (August). Each site offers a unique and different setting for night photography.

2016 Dates

There are three scheduled workshops for 2016:

June 27th (rain date 28th), 

July 26th (rain date 27th),

August 24th (rain date 25th).


The workshop will last roughly 5-6 hours. We will meet at sunset at our first location. This will give us time to organize our gear, introduce ourselves and plan our schedule for the evening. Meeting times will be as follows: 8:20pm for the June workshop, 8:00pm for the July workshop and 7:20pm for the August workshop.

Techniques Covered

You will learn to photograph the Milky Way and stars, including correct exposure/camera settings and composition. - Create star trails - Paint with light

Workshop Requirements

- DSLR. Each participant must be fully knowledgeable on how to work their DSLR. No point & shoot, tablets or phone cameras.

- Wide angle lens or lenses between 14mm and 35mm with a 'fast' f/ratio... f/4 or f/2.8

- No film cameras (we want to be able to review the images on the spot and adjust our settings, composition etc. as needed)

- Tripod. Must be sturdy enough to hold your camera's weight in a slight breeze without shaking.

- Multiple memory cards (at least 8GB each)

- Extra camera batteries that are fully charged.

- Cable release

- Intervalometer (for startrails). 

- Flashlight and/or headlamp capable of both red and white light.

- Hand warmers and duct tape (to reduce dew on the lens)

- Sturdy shoes/boots

- Warm clothes, jacket (especially for the October workshop)

- Bug spray

- Food, snacks, water, drinks (no alcohol)

- Beach or camp chair (optional). You'll be on your feet for 6hrs.

Workshop Size

Each workshop is limited to 5 participants

Equipment Rental

If you wish to rent equipment for the workshop, I would suggest Lens


$200 per person. 


Payment may be made via PayPal, check, money order or cash. Please contact me at for payment details and workshop availability.

The Fine Print

All payments are non-refundable. If the weather looks to be a washout (rain and or total cloud cover), I will reschedule the workshop for the rain date specified. This decision will be made by 3pm the day of the workshop. The weather on Cape Cod can be unpredictable. If both scheduled dates are rained or clouded out, your payments can be applied towards a future workshop. If you are unable to attend because of personal reasons, you may attend another workshop at a later date (based on availability).

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