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2020 - Milky Way Photography Workshops - Cape Cod & Nantucket

Spend a evening learning to capture the beauty of Cape Cod and Nantucket's dark night skies with award winning photographer Chris Cook. Chris' work has been published worldwide including National Geographic, Canon USA, California Institute of Technology, Astronomy magazine, Sky & Telescope magazine, Lonely Planet and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also a 11x NASA 'Astronomy Picture of the Day' (APOD) recipient.


"Your course June 3 was wonderful--we loved every minute of it! We had taken one other night sky course in UT/AZ last spring and it was NO comparison to what we learned with you. Thank you for your instruction, patience, the insights you gave to us...and I'm sure to the others too. You know, after we got home, we looked further on your website pages and saw so much more of your marvelous work. Wow. We will one day definitely come back for more, and of course we will recommend you to others!" - Jo & Tom

"Spent a great night with Chris Cook's workshop shooting stars, star trails and light painting. Chris is one great educator and photographer. Highly recommended if you want to learn night photography." - Ted Heath

Thanks for the class tonight Chris....I highly recommend anybody contemplating taking a class with Chris to do so!!....Great fun and super informative..." - Jeff Smith

Locations, Dates & Schedules

August 11th  |  Cape Cod - Perseid Meteor Shower (POSTPONED until 2021)

Spend the evening under the dark skies of the Cape Cod National Seashore.  Jutting 30 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean, the night skies found within the CCNS are some of the darkest in Massachusetts.  We will begin our night of photography at Highland Lighthouse in Truro at 7:45pm.  This iconic beacon stands watch over the outer Cape and offers tons of creative Milky Way compositions.  The nights around August 11-12 are also the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower.  A summer tradition for sky-watchers and astrophotographers alike. The dark northeast sky offers the perfect location for viewing and capturing meteors.  The workshops will conclude around 2am.  If the weather is poor, the following night, August 12th, will be the rain date.

September 13-14th  |  Nantucket  (POSTPONED until 2021)

Spend the night on the spectacular island of Nantucket. Located 23 miles off the coast of Cape Cod in the North Atlantic, the skies here are the darkest you will find anywhere in Massachusetts and Southern New England. When atmospheric conditions allow, the sky is a 2-3 on the Bortle scale. We will meet in Nantucket Town on September 13th by 4pm to meet each other, talk about gear and techniques and also have dinner before heading out for the night. You could do some sightseeing and photography of the harbor and quaint streets in town if you were to arrive earlier. Meeting place TBD.

* The first location will be Great Point Lighthouse. Located at the very NE tip of the island, Great Point is only accessible over sand via 4WD vehicles. A 4WD Jeep or similar will be provided for all four participants. Once the sky is dark around 8:30pm, the Milky Way will be well placed for photography. 

* After Great Point, we will drive south to Santaky Head Light located in the village of Siasconset for more creative night sky captures. 

* Our next stop will be Tom Nevers Beach where we can start to catch a view of the winter constellation Orion rising in the east. 

* We'll drive back into town to photograph Brant Point Lighthouse during the final hours of darkness. This well known lighthouse guards the entrance to Nantucket Harbor.  The workshop will conclude around 4am at which point you can return to your lodging of choice.

*NOTE* - the workshop will require you to take the ferry to/from Hyannis or Harwich Port. Dinner, ferry costs, transportation to/from the island and lodging on island is not provided as part of the workshop. 4WD jeep rental while on island is provided.

Techniques Covered

You will learn to photograph the Milky Way and stars, including correct exposure/camera settings, composition and painting with light.

Workshop Requirements

- DSLR or DSLM (mirrorless). Each participant must know how to work their camera. 

- Wide angle lens or lenses between 14mm and 35mm with a 'fast' f/ratio... f/4 or f/2.8

- No film cameras (we want to be able to review the images on the spot and adjust our settings, composition etc. as needed)

- Tripod. Must be sturdy enough to hold your camera's weight in a slight breeze without shaking.

- Multiple memory cards (at least 16GB each)

- Extra camera batteries that are fully charged.

- Remote cable release

- Flashlight and/or headlamp capable of both red and white light.

- USB powered Lens heater (try PROTAGE lens heaters to reduce dew on the lens, if needed)

- Very soft cloth to wipe dew off lenses if needed

- Sturdy shoes/boots

- Warm clothes, jacket

- Bug spray (a must for mosquitoes and no-see-ums)

- Food, snacks, water, drinks (no alcohol)

- Beach/camp chair (optional). You'll be on your feet a lot.

- Beach buggy cart to carry tripods, camera bags, food, drinks, camp chair etc. (optional)

Workshop Size

Workshop is limited to 6 participants.  4 for Nantucket

Equipment Rental

If you wish to rent equipment for the workshop, I would suggest Lens Rentals.com


$200pp - Cape Cod

$490pp - Nantucket


Payment may be made via PayPal, check, money order or cash. Please contact me at chris@cookphoto.com for payment details and workshop availability.

The Fine Print

All payments are non-refundable. If the weather looks to be a washout (rain and/or total cloud cover), I will reschedule the workshop for a rain date TBD. This decision will be made by 9am the day of the workshop. The weather on Cape Cod and Nantucket can be unpredictable. If the workshop is canceled because of poor weather, your payment can be applied towards a future workshop (date TBD). If you are unable to attend the rescheduled workshop because of personal reasons, you may attend another one at a later date (based on availability).

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